The Election, Maxi-Pads & Recovery. Life Goes On!

It seems like I haven’t been here in forever. Like a lot of people, I got wrapped up in the election. It was like a boxing match, but I’m recovering quite nicely!  I’m over it now. By that I mean, I’m tired of talking about it. There’s no reasoning with those who don’t agree with the outcome. Personally, just for the record, I’m tickled pink with the election results! If you’re not, I’m truly sorry. I felt your pain for 8 years. Anyway, back to why I’m here. 

This last month has been an adjustment period. Our son, Tucker, is home! I can’t tell you how proud of him we are! God is good! I can’t say that since he’s been here, everything’s just been peachy. We are adjusting to the new Tucker and learning to trust him, and to treat him like a man. He’s learning to deal with us while being clean and sober. Y’all, there’s a lot of learning going on here at the Hawkins’ house! But seriously, it’s good! He’s involved in ministry and trying to give back. It’s so nice seeing God at work, and seeing our many prayers being answered. GOD IS GOOD Y’ALL! That being said, I can’t say that I haven’t seen him have struggles as he adjusts to being outside a controlled environment. 

Being outside a controlled environment is hard! You have so many freedoms that you didn’t have while in rehab. Social media is a big thing! You have access to everyone from your past! That can be a scary thing. Especially for loved ones of a recovering addict. I’m not saying he’s used drugs or anything, he hasn’t. It’s just that sometimes it seems, from the outside looking in, you have to be very careful who you allow into your circle. Just because you are well doesn’t mean the people you used to hang around with will treat you any differently than they did before, just because you’re now different. I think sometimes addicts, who are in recovery, think because they’re a better person, some of their old acquaintances will see them differently, and be different themselves. From what I’ve seen, it hardly works that way. My opinion is that a person can only find true peace through Christ. Staying sober requires an active relationship with Jesus. Until the addict is strong enough in his or her faith, it’s way too dangerous to be around people from their former lives. At least this is what I’ve observed since I’ve been around addicts. Recovery never stops being a learning experience. A person can get hurt so easily. BUT GOD!

Anyway, just to let y’all know, besides the fact that I haven’t felt well, due to the fact that I have an almost tennis ball sized tumor on my uterus, and several more in my uterus, I keep getting UTI’s repeatedly, and I’m about to have the very core or my womanhood ripped from my body, things are great! [And just to clarify, for the men who may be reading this blog, I’m not having my vagina removed. They’re going to remove my uterus.] I guess it’s a good thing I’m passed the point of wanting to have children, not to mention the fact that I’m old! I’m totally looking forward to NOT investing any more money into Stayfree stock! I guess I’m looking at being in recovery myself! 

It’s hunting season here in Alabama, and it’s so nice to see Tucker so excited about going hunting! We haven’t seen that out of him in years! I see some great father-son bonding time happening this year! Amen! Steve and Tucker had a beard contest going, however, when someone thought Tucker was 38 years old, and my boyfriend, he decided to shave off his beard. Steve lovingly asked him if his estrogen level had gotten high, and if he needed to make him a gynecologist appointment😂!  And Christmas is almost upon us yet again! I have a tree up and plan on finishing my decorating this weekend! This is way early for me! I haven’t been this excited about Christmas in a while! 

I hope y’all all had a great Thanksgiving and that God is blessing y’all beyond imagination! Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Ephesians 3:20

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