Hormonal Hand Gestures 

I haven’t written in awhile and thought I’d catch y’all up on the adventures of me and Cathy (aka, my catheter). As you can imagine, having a hysterectomy, coupled with the fact that I have Cathy stalking me everywhere I go, makes me a tad emotional at times. Driving is one of those times when my emotions flare. 

There’s a road near my house that gets conjested bad! Heading south there’s no turn lane, so if you’re turning left, and there a lot of traffic headed north, you may have to sit there a while. When all those people heading south are turning right, and you need to turn onto the same road, you just have to take your chances and shoot in there, or else you’re holding up a lot of traffic. Well, that’s what I did one day. I drive a small car, so when I shot in there a girl was turning right at the same time. She stopped and looked at me like I had just slapped her kid. I, in turn gave her an equally dirty look and motioned for her to go on. She then proceeded to show me her middle finger. I was furious! I didn’t get in front of her, or even in her way! I was merely trying to get out of the way of the line of cars behind me! There’s plenty of room where I pulled. Well, needless to say, in my hormone induced rage, my middle finger popped up, almost involuntarily, as hard and as high as I could get it! I’m not proud of this mind you! I’m just telling y’all what happened. 

I got on her tail and glared at that heifer. As I was glaring I thought to myself, what am I doing?! I have a bag of pee strapped to my thigh. I’m weak and overall out of shape, and she really looks like a redneck! It didn’t stop me from glaring at her! Hormones are strong y’all! I’m fairly certain I didn’t even ask for forgiveness! In fact, I stewed the rest of the afternoon. 

Later I worried that someone from church might’ve been at the busy intersection, and witnessed my extreme road rage. Thankfully I’m not sporting a OneEighy Church tag or sticker on my car. I mean geez! I wouldn’t want anyone to think sinners go to our church! Right? WRONG

We all screw up. We all fall short. And we always will as long as we’re alive! And the thing is, we worry so much about what everyone thinks of us; well what about what God thinks?!? Even though I may have escaped being seen by anyone from church, while I was flinging the bird at that girl. Rest assured I didn’t escape God seeing me! He saw the whole thing! And even worse than Him seeing what I had done? He saw my heart! He knew that in that moment, I could’ve throat punched that girl and walked away feeling great about doing so! Ugh! I can only hope God has some special graces for those of us with hormonal issues and catheters!

Job 34:21 “For his eyes are on the ways of a man, and he sees all his steps.” *And her fingers! 

*My words, not God’s!

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