The REAL Truth About Your Vagina

Have you ever heard the old song..ugh! I don’t even know the name of it, but it goes something like this, 🎶the foot bone’s connected to the leg bone🎶the leg bone’s connected to the knee bone🎶the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone🎶and the vagina’s connected to the heart🎶!” Wait! What was that last part again? The vagina’s connected to the heart? Yes, you read that right! I’m about to share with you some biblical truth about the vajayjay! Do I have your attention?

There’s a verse in the Bible that says, guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. Proverbs 4:23. That verse is so important, not just to women, but to every human being; BUT I believe, it’s especially important to women, because your vagina is connected to your heart! I believe God intentionally connected the two so we (women) would know how uniquely special we really are, and so we would carefully give ourselves to the right person! Unfortunately we (human beings) have perverted one of the most beautiful things God blessed us with! Ugh! Nonetheless, I believe it’s safe to say you should guard your vagina as well as your heart! Stay with me!

Men desire to be respected, and women desire to be loved. Women equate sex with love, and men don’t. Women often think with their hearts, and well men? They often think with their penis. It’s that simple. Say what you want to about the modern woman, and/or modern relationships; it doesn’t really matter what you believe! The truth is, we were not created for casual sex. If you’re reading this, (especially if you’re a woman) please pay close attention to this! If you think you can have sex with someone, and not have a soul tie with them, think again! Did you get that??? Here, let me say that again. If you think you can have sex with someone, and not have a soul tie with them, think again! Sex does not just involve the body. There’s a direct connection with sex and your soul! Sex is spiritual! Your vagina is connected to your heart!

You may block it out. You may convince yourself that it was nothing. You may believe the hype that women and men are the same. You may have casual sex and enjoy it… wait, I won’t sit here and try and tell you it can’t be enjoyable. It can. For most people, sex is fun. Shoot! Let’s get real here! SIN is fun! But that fun is only temporary! The consequences far outweigh the moment of fun! Sexual sin is inside the body. Therefore there’s different consequences to having sex outside the way God intended. Sexual sin can leave you with such mixed emotions. How can something that feels so good leave you feeling so bad?? Could it be because your vagina is connected to your heart? And think about it like this. A person can get a rush from stealing something, but you don’t have a soul tie with, say, a stolen car! Sexual sin is different.

You see, every time you have sex with someone, you leave a piece of yourself with them. That’s true for men and women, but it’s especially true for women because the vagina is connected to the heart! I mean, you may think you’re having sex with someone just because your body is telling you that you “need” it, and your hormones may be screaming at you to do it, but your heart may end up saying something different! Trust me when I say this, you can’t help who you fall in love with! And sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. Again, I can’t reiterate this enough…Your vagina is connected to your heart!

The worst feeling in the world is for you to give yourself to someone, then suddenly they don’t seem to be as sweet and loving as they were before sex. Suddenly those giddy feelings you had for this guy, who was relentlessly chasing you, are replaced with feelings of being used and loneliness. Ladies, especially the young and/or single ones, I want you to get this! Men were designed to chase. They were designed to hunt and gather. They love the thrill of the unknown!

My husband is a deer hunter, or as he likes to call himself, a deer slayer🙄😂. He will take every precaution necessary to put a bullet in a deer. He buys the best camouflage, and carefully washes them in special detergent. Which, by the way, is the only time he does the laundry! He buys the best guns and bows, and all the accessories. Some men will even spray themselves down with doe pee to attract the big bucks🤢. They will sit in the freezing cold, for hours waiting to see a deer. Once they see one, they’ll painstakingly wait for just the right shot. Hands trembling, palms sweating. Then BOOM! Once the bullet is in that deer, and it falls, the chase is over. They drag it out of the woods, gut it, put the good stuff in the freezer and if they’re lucky enough to have bagged the big one, they put the head on the wall. They don’t pet the deer and thank it for letting him kill it! They just go back to the hunting club and smoke cigars and brag about the kill, or go to sleep, or whatever guys do at the hunting club. It’s basically the same way with sex. Once the chase is over, often times, so is the thrill.

I’m not going to sit here and harp on the fact that God wants us to wait until we’re married to have sex. That’s the perfect way, and the best case scenario! I believe that with all my heart! The sad thing is, most people I know, including myself, did not wait until they were married to have sex. Some people experience it through no fault of their own, and some chose to do it. Either way, there’s a whole list of consequences that go along with sex outside marriage. The good news is, there’s also redemption and healing! And it’s never too late to do things right!

Ladies young and old, I pray that you know just how precious and beautiful you are! I pray that you can see yourself the way God sees you! I pray that you realize your vagina is connected to your heart and you guard that thing with your life! I pray that whomever you decide to give it to is the person who will cherish you for the rest of your life! And I pray that if that’s not the case, God will restore you and help you see that you are just as precious and beautiful even still!

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