The Election, Maxi-Pads & Recovery. Life Goes On!

It seems like I haven’t been here in forever. Like a lot of people, I got wrapped up in the election. It was like a boxing match, but I’m recovering quite nicely!  I’m over it now. By that I mean, I’m tired of talking about it. There’s no reasoning with those who don’t agree with […]

Wake Up! Pay Attention! And Grow A Pair!

Good morning! When y’all read this blog please, hear my heart. This may not be an easy read for you. It’s certainly not easy for me to write! I’d  much rather tickle people’s ears, and Joel Osteen them with sweet pleasing words! But sometimes God calls us to do what’s unpopular! We are living in […]

Dear Heroin, I Hate You!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written. I’m not sure if I’m not spending enough time with God? Maybe God doesn’t want me writing as much as I used to write? Maybe I’ve just gotten lazy?! Either way today, I have something y’all need to hear! We are in an all out war! Drugs […]

Will The Real Tucker Hawkins Please Stand Up?

I promised I would tell some funny things that happened during our hospital stay. TBI is definitely NO laughing matter. However, at some point, it’s either laugh or cry. I don’t know about you but, I prefer laughing! While Tucker was still on the ventilator, and doped up on propofol, he’d wake up every once in […]

Winners Always Win!

Hey y’all! Long time no write! Eh. It’s been one of those couple of weeks! Oh, I don’t have a proofreader this morning so, as always, ask the Holy Spirit to help you read this the way it’s supposed to be read. 🙂 Yesterday was the two year anniversary of our son’s TBI. Here’s my […]