Mutha-Lovin’ Intuition

This morning my words aren’t coming so easily. Today is hard. Many of you reading this blog, know the heartache that comes with loving an addict. When it’s your child, it’s a heartache I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. If it were anyone else, I could eventually disconnect from that person and move on. […]

That’s Remarkable!!

My personality can be very misleading. Before people get to know me, they tend to think I’m the very adventurous, adrenaline junkie type. Those who know me best, know what a wimp I am, and that I’m terrified of my own shadow! Just ask my best friend, Lajuana! I skipped school with her one time […]

Sh*t Just Got Real!

So, I haven’t written in so long, I’m not even sure I remember how to do this. The thing is, I just feel the need to share some things, because I believe someone needs to know they are not alone. If you’ve read any of my past blogs you know that our son, Tucker, struggles […]

Picture Perfect Picking

So, I hope everyone is doing well! It’s been a long, rather annoying road for me the past couple months; but guess what?! I’m baaack! At least I’m on the way back! No bag of pee hanging from my leg! That, my friends, is a vast improvement!  I guess, when people go through bad things, […]

Hormonal Hand Gestures 

I haven’t written in awhile and thought I’d catch y’all up on the adventures of me and Cathy (aka, my catheter). As you can imagine, having a hysterectomy, coupled with the fact that I have Cathy stalking me everywhere I go, makes me a tad emotional at times. Driving is one of those times when […]