W. 🤔 T. 🤔 F.??!!??

Well, alrighty then. So far 2017 has proven to be one heck of a year! It seems as if I’ve had more downs than ups. If it ain’t one thing it’s another! Have any of y’all ever had times like that? Sure you have! If not, you’re either delusional or you’re a liar!  The Bible […]

Happy Upcoming Anniversay Baby!

We are approaching the 2 year anniversary of Tucker’s TBI (traumatic brain injury). Our son was brutally attacked, by a pac​k of cowards, who didn’t even have the decency to give him a chance to fight back. But, what the devil (and his demons) meant to destroy, GOD HAS USED FOR HIS GLORY!!! AMEN! Those […]