A Piss Poor Perdicament

Life has a way of pissin’ all over you, so to speak. Let me start by saying this; through all this, I’ve gained a new perspective for people who live with chronic issues. What I’m going through is a drop in the bucket. At least I can see a light at the end of the […]

Love, Respect And…..Monkeys Having Sex??? 

Y’all, God is so good ain’t He? He knows exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. When He tells us to do something, even when it’s scary and difficult,  it’s always the best thing to do! You can’t go wrong being obedient to Christ! I’ll have to admit though, when it comes to […]

Jesus Called But I Couldn’t Find My Dang Phone!

Have you ever misplaced something then wore yourself slap out looking it? (“Worn slap out” – a southern phrase meaning that you’re exhausted beyond belief.) I do it on a daily basis! I’ll misplace my keys and hunt until I’m plum ticked off. I’ll start missing my phone, (which only takes about a half second […]